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The church with open arms...

A catalyst is an agent that ignites or accelerates another agent without actually being consumed itself.  Here at Catalyst Student Ministries, students will be shown the love of Jesus.  They will be taught what this love really is and how it can change the world.

They can then go into the world and spark a fire without being consumed in what the

world has for them.


We meet on Wednesdays in the Loftis Center, located across the parking lot from the Main Worship Center.  The Loft opens at 6:00 PM for snacks and games.  Service starts at 7:00 PM.

The 1st. and 3rd. Wednesdays, we have worship in the Loftis Center.  On the 2nd. and 4th. Wednesdays, we have discipleship in the "Loft"

Scenes From Catalyst Happenings

Catalyst At Camp Caraway

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